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Meridian’s investment philosophy is based on identifying client requirements and focusing on long term investment strategies designed to preserve and enhance client assets in the long term.

Meridian is an investment led organisation. Its culture is to identify suitable investments for clients which will be drawn predominantly from a range of high quality international equities and bonds with limited but targeted use of open end, closed end and exchange traded funds selected on an arms' length basis to access smaller markets where a minority weighting is considered desirable as part of overall asset allocation. Meridian is not sales led, i.e. Meridian is not a business with any particular product fixations or driven targets.

Fees are charged based on assets under management. These fees are fully disclosed. Clients benefit from dealing at institutional commission rates which normally represent a substantial saving on those available to clients dealing individually. Clients also benefit from any discounts or commission negotiated on collective fund investments by Meridian. Therefore, no reward is taken from funds or fund managers for introducing client business, all benefits being passed on to clients in return for one simple transparent fee plus custody charges recovered at cost.

Client assets, both cash and stocks are held by a regulated third party institutional custodian and not by Meridian itself, providing the security clients would expect.

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